May. 28th, 2009

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Who knew dressing up in lace and bows was such serious business?

Honestly, though, I think that was an excellent response to the article. I'll be honest - at first it didn't bother me very much. Lolita is such an extreme fashion that anyone interested is required to do a certain amount of research, and that research will quickly prove how unlolita La Carmina is. However, the author's response to his readers is not only unprofessional but also insulting. Dozens of girls on EGL have written comments to explain why they do not feel La Carmina is in any way an accurate representative of Lolita Fashion or the Gothic Lolita subset. Their comments have been articulate, intelligent, and respectful, and in response, Mr. Z writes that he thinks the naysayers have already had their say and he has no interest in publishing multiple comments that share the same "tone."

Way to completely dismiss your readers, Mr. Z.

None of the girls attacked La Carmina personally, and none of the comments that I've seen deserved to be culled. All I can draw from this is that JPop-Express abuses the moderated comments function, and because of that, I have absolutely zero interest in reading anything else they may or may not publish.

As for La Carmina ... I can't wait for the Lolita blog that Talia is putting together. It's about time Western Lolitas did something more than just react to itas and misrepresentation in the media.


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