Jun. 9th, 2009

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I guess I'm getting new glasses. :/ MaiMai got ahold of my current pair, and managed to bite one of the lenses hard enough to crack/scratch it slightly. It's not humongous or anything, but it's right in the middle of the lens, and kind of hard to ignore when I'm wearing them. Ugh ... I wanted new glasses - or better yet, contacts - but not yet! I don't have the money right now!!

Idolwise, Shinotani's White Cube DVD came in today. How did I end up with the stupid Japanese umbrella-making one? IT WAS BORING WHEN YASUKA DID IT, WHY WOULD I WANT TO SEE SHINOTANI DOING THE SAME EXACT THING??? The umbrella parts were as boring as I figured they would be, but unlike Yasuka's, Shinotani's DVD had several interruptions: buying a snack from a street vendor, playing around with the merchandise in a little corner store, etc. They were actually pretty cute, so I may not try reselling this DVD. Also, the little postcards are adorable. ♥ And my magazines should come in in another day or two!!
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coppeliad at livejournal apparently has a problem with crosses as a fashion accessory. Okay, that's perfectly fine. I wear crosses because I identify with them as a religious symbol, and a picture of the forgiveness Christ offers through His death and resurrection - given that, it makes a lot of sense to not wear them if you aren't Christian. But really, if you don't practice Christianity, don't come from a Christian background, and have LOTS AND LOTS OF CHRISTIANS telling you you're misunderstanding the religion? Insisting on calling cross-jewelry DEATHCROSS JEWELRY is probably a really stupid move.

Also, I'm laughing at the way she deleted the entire post on EGL as soon as it became clear her offensive stance ... offended people.


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