Jul. 28th, 2009

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>> My second youngest sister went off to air force camp this weekend. ToT I called her right before she left, and she was so excited. She's looking forward to logging a full hour of flight time, which rather terrifies me, as she only got her learner's permit (for the car) a few weeks ago. XD; But, from the texts she's sent, she seems to be having a ball.

>> Sister no. 2 turned 21 on the 26th, which of course meant that the two of us had to destroy my kitchen, attempting to make some manner of alcoholic drink. Neither of us are particularly interested in actually drinking, but I've always wanted to try one of the recipes in just about every home magazine, and it seemed like a good time. Or something. Sadly, we failed, and hard.

I imagine this is how everyone at Seigaku felt the first time they tried one of Inui's drinks. :/

>> I was making a vegetable tray the day before yesterday, and apparently decided that I didn't really need all of my fingers intact. So, yeah, the first finger on my right hand is currently missing it's tip, and I had to throw away all of the squash I'd been chopping. *is ten kinds of fail here*

>> Oh my good night. ♥ I've been enjoying [livejournal.com profile] tennisdressing since it opened, but this is already one of my favourite posts. I adore her Kai already, and am delighted that my extremely sarcastic Kite doesn't seem to have irritated the mun yet?. I've never tried to picture Kai as a girl before, but I'm really loving the tone she's got going on.


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