Aug. 15th, 2009

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Currently, I am hiding from all semblence of responsibility everywhere. Thus far, "hiding" has taken the shape of
(1) writing a horribly OOC, mature log involving Kite Eitsumi and a vampiric Hirakoba
(2) writing a horribly OOC background for Kite Eitsumi in which she led a deliriously happy childhood in the wilds of one of Okinawa's southern islands
(3) watching this YouTube video about a dozen times, and wondering why I didn't buy ShitenMyu when I had the chance
(4) plotting exactly how I will go about kidnapping both Yasuka and Harukawa Kyousuke despite not actually being anywhere near Japan
(5) push-ups ... as in about thirty-thousand so far
(6) wondering why staring at my computer screen doesn't make stories for [community profile] drive_a magically appear in WordPerfect
(7) laughing at how miffed Yasuka looks at having his picture snapped

I have tags I need to take care of in the RP I actually play in, comments I should have replied to, e-mails I should have replied to, and phone calls I should have made regarding my transcripts/possible in-state tuition thing/fees I somehow owe FSU after four years? and I haven't started on any of them.

I joke about it, but this habit of just going away when I have things I need to do ... It's getting old, and I have no idea how to break it. At some point, running away is going to stop being a viable option, and I have no idea what I'll do then.

... Note to self: Josh Groban =/= Joshua Bell. No, really.


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