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I thought I'd try crossposting at least once since, y'know, the function is there and I apparently have nothing better to do with my time. On the bright side, this will probably be a one-time only thing, seeing as I use [ profile] nachural almost solely to comment now. *laughs*

So, in the past two weeks or so, I've become absurdly infatuated with geisha in general, and the "Toshi's" of Miyagawa-cho in particular.

Especially these three:

Toshihana, the girl in the first picture, is the only actual geiko of the three - Toshifumi and Toshiteru are still maiko, though Toshifumi (the one in red) is pretty senior. Anyway, Toshihana is Toshifumi's "onee-san" (haven't quite figured out the precise relationship between all of the Toshi's, since there are like ... four maiko right now), and they're adorable together. Toshiteru, of course, is just adorable. She's somewhere around sixteen, in her second year as a maiko, and so teensy! Actually, I've taken to referring to her by her nickname on IG Forums, Toshi-tiny. >.> It fits, though: in her zori, she doesn't even reach Toshifumi's shoulder!

Actually, I'm a little surprised by how interested I am; this is more the response I expected to have when I discovered Takarazuka. I've started rereading Iwasaki Mineko's Geisha: A Life, and have been enjoying it a lot more this time around. I must have been in a hurry the first time I read it, because I don't remember any of the little anecdotes from before ...

And, last but not least, how much do I love Yasuka's short hair? A lot. I was kind of "mehhh" about it at first - all that beautiful hair! - but I'm pretty convinced now. ♥
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