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So. [community profile] drive_a.

I'm excited, even if the whole Seigaku is a veterinary clinic thing is silly and lame. I'm excited to work with [personal profile] relle, I'm excited that she might be willing to write something as well as beta, I'm excited that [ profile] doom_magic might be participating, and I'm excited to be excited about writing something again.

Of course, considering how tempted I was to name us Team Chlorodine, perhaps I should take a moment to settle down just a bit.

I am going to have to talk to [personal profile] relle, though. I've never done a collaborative "work" before, and I'm not certain how the best way to approach this would be. And, well, I've never had a beta from the beginning of a piece either. (At the risk of getting repetitive, I'm going to add that I'm excited about that, too.) I can pretty much guarantee that by the time we're finished, she's going to want to come through my computer and strangle me, but I'm looking forward to this. *g*

On a completely unrelated note, HP6 was ... okay. Definitely not as big a disappointment as the third movie, but it was not as good as I'd hoped. I'll probably like it once I'm able to watch it without expecting certain scenes to take place (or wondering why on earth certain other scenes were added), actually. Everything involving Ginny aside, my main issue was the ending which stunk. Because, given secret entry to Hogwarts, the Death Eaters were totally satisfied with breaking a few windows and then running away while only Harry chased after them. Totally. :|

Similarly, I don't get why they completely cut out the Dursley's in the beginning. Harry no longer being protected at their house is a pretty important piece of plot, and that scene is one of my absolute favourites in the book. It also tied up the Dobby/Grimmauld Place issue, which wasn't even mentioned in the movie.

Slightly more minor issues:
>> Tonks calling Lupin "sweetheart" at the Burrow
>> Bellatrix and Fenrir Greyback burning the Burrow
>> No Charlie. No Bill. No Fleur. No Fleur/Molly Weasley antagonism.
>> Ginny going from A++ (Quidditch tryouts) to awkward and just weird (feeding Harry, tying his shoelaces in her bathrobe
>> No Scrimgeour! More disappointing, no Percy.
>> Every. Single. Important happening was overshadowed by Stupid Teenage Romances. Dumbledore dies? No problem, because Ron doesn't really mind Harry's interest in Ginny~
>> Harry just watching Dumbledore die. There's a reason he was bespelled for that in the book: no matter what Dumbledore instructed, Harry would have acted then.

Scenes I'll want to watch again:
>> EVERYTHING with Luna
>> Ron's brush with the love potion
>> All of Draco's scenes. I was never a big fan of his character, but I've got to give Tom Felton props for this. It would have been easy to make him the token Emo-kid, but I don't think he did that. And the bathroom duel scene was great.
>> Slughorn's party, wherein Hermione hides from her date, and her date throws up at Snape's feet. ♥
>> Actually, every scene with just Harry and Hermione. No, they may not actually be canon, but this movie shows exactly why I feel they could have been.
>> Infirmary scene with Ron and company

Disappointment aside, I'm already looking forward to seeing it come out on DVD. (^_^;)


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