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>> So, I posted the team sign-up form at [community profile] drive_a a few days ago. My comment is still screened, and the team is still not listed in the actual post. IDK, it's making me anxious, even if there isn't any reason for it.

>> [ profile] tennisdressing is a horrible, horrible place. Mainly because I've spent so much time there since it opened. :|

>> I hate feeling stupid. Not that I expect to miraculously stop putting my foot in my mouth, but it would be wonderful not to feel incredibly, overwhelmingly stupid every single time I talk to someone.

What would also be lovely would be for the people who make me feel that way to stop commenting on how wonderful it is that I'm still such a simple person. You want to know why I feel inferior to basically everyone else to ever exist on this planet? THAT'S WHY, OKAY. [/hissyfit]

>> I want to be someone else for a day.

*bothers you?*

Date: 2009-08-03 05:42 am (UTC)
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You've reminded me -- I heard about [ profile] tennisdressing a little while ago, and have...been vaguely interested in joining, but this is being overcome by terror ._. SO HOW IS IT?

And I'm sorry you're feeling crappy :/ *huggles*


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