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>> Oh my good grief. I've spent nearly my entire morning trying to figure out how the heck one goes about screencapping. What I have learned thus far is basically, this is why I hate technology.

I've found lovely tutorials on livejournal, on the VideoLan forum thing, pretty much everywhere. BUT NONE OF THEM WORK. :| All I want to do is take a few caps from Yasuka's idol DVD because they're hilarious, and it's pretty much eaten up half of my day. I wouldn't mind so much, except for the fact that I still have nothing to show for it. I'm trying one more program, and then I'm done, but really. Why is this so hard for me?

>> RP continues to be the hobby I really should quit just because it always ends up so frustrating. Except that, for the most part, I am having fun. To be honest, it's also disturbingly educational. On one hand, how sad is it that I'm having to look up all this stuff that Kite & Rin would already know? On the other, ooh hey, stuff I didn't know before!

>> MaiMai's back from the vet, and is actually doing really well. She doesn't seem to realise that she should be hurting, though, so I keep having to stop her from jumping onto the couch or my bed. Also, she's been licking everything within reach all day. I have no idea why, but it's been endlessly amusing so far.


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