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What does Manda like to come home to find?

A clean place, and a clean, happy MaiMai.

What does Manda actually come home to find?


I'm planning on taking her to the beach tomorrow, but first I get to completely re-do the massive cleaning I just finished yesterday. Because apparently, MaiMai is already able to jump over the baby-gates I had in place, and has no trouble destroying everything everywhere while I'm gone.

Thankfully, she seemed to zoom in on the grate by the fireplace pretty early on, and thus wasted most of her destructive efforts in attempting to eat it. I think she was rather offended it didn't work, too. -_- I guess I'm going to have to go through my car again to make sure she can't eat anything of value in there ...

Speaking of my car. :|

I am not very fond of our state troopers at the moment. I got pulled over yesterday because some of the red tape I have covering my broken taillight was flapping in the wind. I got a warning for that (apparently tape isn't good enough, and I have to have an actual lens put in?), which, okay, whatever. I'll fix it when my next paycheck comes in. The thing that makes me pretty furious is the fact that I got a ticket for not having my registration on me when I HAD MY REGISTRATION ON ME. I just don't carry it in my wallet with my license and insurance card, and got a little flustered when it wasn't sitting on top of everything in my glove compartment. Yes, it took me a good two or three minutes to remember that I'd taken it out of my glove compartment (because I throw everything in there, and didn't want it to get lost) and put it in the little compartment between the two front seats. But I still got a ticket for not having it, even when I showed it to the state trooper.

Now I get to run down to the courthouse, which is a thirty minute drive from where I live at the moment, pay a ten dollar fine, and spend the rest of my day seething over it. BECAUSE I WAS TWO MINUTES TOO SLOW IN REMEMBERING WHERE I'D PUT THE STUPID PIECE OF PAPER.
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>> I'm going to have to poke around the site some more, but this video had me absolutely cracking up this morning. I still want to know where my dad found it, to begin with! XD

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

>> Ugh, MaiMai had a very upset stomach yesterday, and since I had work all day, I just left her in her kennel. :| Guess who spent over three hours last night cleaning, bleaching, re-bleaching, and then airing out said kennel?

On the bright side, I'm off today, and she seems to be feeling much, much better. ♥

>> What on earth is Gakuen Danshi? Yasuka plays in it, and from the cover, it looks like Juri and Ouji are in it too. How did I not hear about this before?

>> In order to prepare for a manicure yesterday, I ... gave myself a manicure. Well, not exactly a full manicure - I did stop before actually painting my nails, but I buffed them, shaped them, took care of the cuticles, etc. because it's been a while since I went to the salon, and I didn't want the lady to think I don't take care of my hands. o.O;

>> I am weak against temptation. SNSD's second mini-album finally went up on YesAsia two days ago. *might have ordered it then and there*


Jun. 18th, 2009 12:44 pm
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I'm sure I had other things to post about, but then I spent a moment on YouTube. I think it's safe to say that SNSD's Jessica is really the cutest thing I've ever seen (okay, barring MaiMai, obviously). She just gets so flustered - and the *disappointed* commentary was hilarious - and she's so quiet. Not just her voice, but her mannerisms, too; pretty much exactly the opposite of Daichan and Yasuka, but it's sweet to see an idol appear so retiring. ♥

Also, When I Seduce Jessica would be an awesome album title. Just saying.
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coppeliad at livejournal apparently has a problem with crosses as a fashion accessory. Okay, that's perfectly fine. I wear crosses because I identify with them as a religious symbol, and a picture of the forgiveness Christ offers through His death and resurrection - given that, it makes a lot of sense to not wear them if you aren't Christian. But really, if you don't practice Christianity, don't come from a Christian background, and have LOTS AND LOTS OF CHRISTIANS telling you you're misunderstanding the religion? Insisting on calling cross-jewelry DEATHCROSS JEWELRY is probably a really stupid move.

Also, I'm laughing at the way she deleted the entire post on EGL as soon as it became clear her offensive stance ... offended people.
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I guess I'm getting new glasses. :/ MaiMai got ahold of my current pair, and managed to bite one of the lenses hard enough to crack/scratch it slightly. It's not humongous or anything, but it's right in the middle of the lens, and kind of hard to ignore when I'm wearing them. Ugh ... I wanted new glasses - or better yet, contacts - but not yet! I don't have the money right now!!

Idolwise, Shinotani's White Cube DVD came in today. How did I end up with the stupid Japanese umbrella-making one? IT WAS BORING WHEN YASUKA DID IT, WHY WOULD I WANT TO SEE SHINOTANI DOING THE SAME EXACT THING??? The umbrella parts were as boring as I figured they would be, but unlike Yasuka's, Shinotani's DVD had several interruptions: buying a snack from a street vendor, playing around with the merchandise in a little corner store, etc. They were actually pretty cute, so I may not try reselling this DVD. Also, the little postcards are adorable. ♥ And my magazines should come in in another day or two!!
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So, over at livejournal, doingfirst brought up the idea of having a kind of group chat while watching a myu. It was so much fun. \(^o^) Except for Alex, I've never really had anyone to fangirl with in real time, and watching a myu with others is pretty different. I'd also forgotten what a good musical Rikkai Second Service was. ♥ If I'm not working, I'm going to try and get on next week; I think we're going to be watching Hyoutei in Winter. Ikkiuchi! T_T

ShitenMyu got recced pretty hard during the chat, too. I've got the RAW downloading right now, but I watched Shitenhouji's intro song on YouTube. HAHAHA, and I thought Higa was cracky! That said, A Cast is all kinds of pretty, and Dai-chan is supposed to have completely broken down at the end. On one hand, DO WANT, and on the other, oh my gosh, I don't want to so see him crying! D:
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Who knew dressing up in lace and bows was such serious business?

Honestly, though, I think that was an excellent response to the article. I'll be honest - at first it didn't bother me very much. Lolita is such an extreme fashion that anyone interested is required to do a certain amount of research, and that research will quickly prove how unlolita La Carmina is. However, the author's response to his readers is not only unprofessional but also insulting. Dozens of girls on EGL have written comments to explain why they do not feel La Carmina is in any way an accurate representative of Lolita Fashion or the Gothic Lolita subset. Their comments have been articulate, intelligent, and respectful, and in response, Mr. Z writes that he thinks the naysayers have already had their say and he has no interest in publishing multiple comments that share the same "tone."

Way to completely dismiss your readers, Mr. Z.

None of the girls attacked La Carmina personally, and none of the comments that I've seen deserved to be culled. All I can draw from this is that JPop-Express abuses the moderated comments function, and because of that, I have absolutely zero interest in reading anything else they may or may not publish.

As for La Carmina ... I can't wait for the Lolita blog that Talia is putting together. It's about time Western Lolitas did something more than just react to itas and misrepresentation in the media.
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Kai died sometime last night.

I feel like I should be able to say something else, but. I can't. I spent the past 30 hours trying to keep him alive, and it just ... didn't work.

First post!

May. 5th, 2009 01:23 pm
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>> Can I just say how excited I was to get that invite code in my inbox this morning?

>> Other than DreamWidth's Open Beta, not much has been happening with me. Except that I've adopted a newborn puppy, of course. |DD Kai is ten days old today, and a cocker spaniel mix. Bethany isn't sure what the father was (though she thinks it might have been shih tzu!). Anyway, the mother was put down on Monday, and I've been taking care of him ever since. I'm pretty much head over heels for him; he's the sweetest, most adorable thing in the history of ever. ♥

>> Considering how long I tried to avoid Axis Powers Hetalia, it's a little sad how completely addicted I've become. America and Germany are my favourites (no surprise there) but England and Russia are close behind them. And also Lithuania. And Poland, Prussia, Austria, Japan, China, Belarus, Latvia ... The thing is, it's such an interesting way to learn about everything. I've spent the past few hours reading everything I can find on Henry Bergh, and it's amazing how easily everything ties in to this idea of anthropomorphised nations. *g* (And I totally ship America/Israel. Even if Israel hasn't been introduced yet.)

>> *related to the above note* I'm also going to try reading Dostoevsky. :/ I will probably fail, but I'm going to try. Because Himaruya's Russia is convincing that way.

>> Also, someone needs to write some America/Russia/Nureyev for me. Not in the shippy way, just in the defection/loss kind of way. *just got her copy of Nureyev's La Bayadère, what*


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