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Manda (≧∇≦)☆☆ ([personal profile] manders) wrote2009-08-18 05:17 pm


I have no idea why, but lately MaiMai has gotten about a thousand times more clingy than normal. She's not just happy to see me when I get back from work, or whiny if I take a really long bath while she's in her kennel, she's practically terrified if I have to leave a room for a minute without taking her along. And I can't think why this would have just started. On the one hand, it's really sweet to have an animal that's so attached to me, but at the same time, I really don't think this is good for her.

She's getting spayed in another week or so, though, so I guess I can wait to talk to the vet then. I don't know what I'm going to do if it's just that she's got a bad case of separation anxiety. From what I've heard and read, the meds for that do nothing to actually alleviate the anxiety, just make the dogs less able to react to it. That's not really a solution in my opinion; really, the only thing worse than knowing my puppy is scared while I'm away is knowing that she's scared and high while I'm away.

On the bright side, this is her third day in a row without a single potty accident, so she may be getting the hang of this whole housetraining thing after all!

Completely unrelated, but AES can go diaf as far as I'm concerned. I spent all evening and afternoon yesterday terrified that I was going to be in legal trouble of some sort, because of an incomprehensible notice that I am still required to continue paying my student loan. WHAT, BECAUSE THE BIMONTHLY PAYMENTS I'VE BEEN MAKING SINCE JANUARY AREN'T PROOF ENOUGH THAT I INTEND TO DO JUST THAT?

God, I hate scare tactics like that. I'm already taking out as much of my paycheck as I can afford, and I'm more than halfway through with what I owe. And seriously? If you're so determined to terrify me into a heart attack, the least you can do is have your customer service line open. You send out letters like that to everyone who has an account, you'd better be prepared to get countless angry/terrified/wtf calls, thanks.