Jun. 25th, 2009

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What does Manda like to come home to find?

A clean place, and a clean, happy MaiMai.

What does Manda actually come home to find?


I'm planning on taking her to the beach tomorrow, but first I get to completely re-do the massive cleaning I just finished yesterday. Because apparently, MaiMai is already able to jump over the baby-gates I had in place, and has no trouble destroying everything everywhere while I'm gone.

Thankfully, she seemed to zoom in on the grate by the fireplace pretty early on, and thus wasted most of her destructive efforts in attempting to eat it. I think she was rather offended it didn't work, too. -_- I guess I'm going to have to go through my car again to make sure she can't eat anything of value in there ...

Speaking of my car. :|

I am not very fond of our state troopers at the moment. I got pulled over yesterday because some of the red tape I have covering my broken taillight was flapping in the wind. I got a warning for that (apparently tape isn't good enough, and I have to have an actual lens put in?), which, okay, whatever. I'll fix it when my next paycheck comes in. The thing that makes me pretty furious is the fact that I got a ticket for not having my registration on me when I HAD MY REGISTRATION ON ME. I just don't carry it in my wallet with my license and insurance card, and got a little flustered when it wasn't sitting on top of everything in my glove compartment. Yes, it took me a good two or three minutes to remember that I'd taken it out of my glove compartment (because I throw everything in there, and didn't want it to get lost) and put it in the little compartment between the two front seats. But I still got a ticket for not having it, even when I showed it to the state trooper.

Now I get to run down to the courthouse, which is a thirty minute drive from where I live at the moment, pay a ten dollar fine, and spend the rest of my day seething over it. BECAUSE I WAS TWO MINUTES TOO SLOW IN REMEMBERING WHERE I'D PUT THE STUPID PIECE OF PAPER.


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